Our Doctors

WestPaws Veterinary Center is proud to have on staff Dr. Danielle Paradise, Dr. Mark Paradise, and Dr. Clarissa Williams

Dr. Danielle Paradise


Dr. Danielle Paradise is co-owner of both NorthPaws and WestPaws Veterinary Center. After receiving her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania (1999) she pursued an internship at a private referral hospital in Florida, and then began her career working as an Emergency doctor in a 24-hour hospital.  She specializes in acupuncture, having achieved certification through the Chi Institute in Florida, and has professional interests in holistic medicine as well as ultrasonography. 

Dr. Danielle has an unfortunate habit of accidentally injuring herself but still enjoys hobbies such as kayaking, sailing and hiking. She also loves spending time with her two boys and her four-legged kids.

Dr. Clarissa Williams


Dr. Clarissa Williams is a graduate of Ross University as of 2014.  In 2009 she began working at NorthPaws Veterinary Center as an animal care attendant while finishing her Bachelors in Biology at Rhode Island College.  A little less than a year later she was accepted to vet school and left NorthPaws for several years to pursue her education.  Dr. Williams completed her clinical year at Purdue University and came back to NorthPaws as an extern in April of 2014.  She is honored to get back to her roots, practicing veterinary medicine at both NorthPaws and WestPaws Veterinary Centers.

Dr. Williams's professional interests include shelter medicine, behavior, rehabilitation and pain management.  Outside of the hospital, she shares her home with five four-legged friends: three dogs (Penny, Tucker and Scout) and two cats (Smoke and Nemo).  Her personal interests are in snowboarding, dog agility and obedience and she has a new found love for kayaking.

Dr. Mark Paradise


Dr. Mark Paradise is co-owner of both NorthPaws Veterinary Center and WestPaws Veterinary Center. During his early years, Dr. Paradise entertained many other career paths but eventually settled on what he always intended: a career in veterinary medicine. A native of New Jersey, Dr. Paradise earned his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999, afterward completing an internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston.

Outside of work Dr. Paradise enjoys sailing, skiing, and hiking. His professional interests include internal medicine, surgery, and ophthalmology.



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